High Quality & On Time Delivery

We are obsessive about the quality of work we do and follow the rigorous process of checking code quality and assurance to meet the expectations of the clients.

24/7 Support

Bimarian has infrastructure and qualified support engineers to provide support to our clients (on call basis) – whether it could be managing cloud infrastructure (RIM) or troubleshooting production critical issues on an emergency basis.


We protect the IP (Intellectual Property) of the customers and make sure the solutions / products that we are building meet the security standards and compliances.

State of the Art Technologies

Our engineers are always abreast of latest technologies and build solutions using the latest technologies suitable for the projects.

We invest our time & energy to keep up with the ever changing tech trends – be it Hadoop frameworks or machine learning or Internet of Things (IOT).

Flexible Solutions

Our approach to solution design makes us stand apart from rest. We strive to make sure that the software that we develop is extendable with component architecture and expose APIs to enable integrations with any 3rd party software.

Lean Process Methodology

We believe in time to market is essence of any software application. We employ lean process management with sufficient documentation for anyone to quickly understand the design, code and any other artifacts.