RocheMartin partnered with Bimarian to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the Emotional Intelligence Coaching modules through an e-learning platform. This online presence helped RocheMartin to reach global audience in a cost effective manner. Bimarian combined user- centered design techniques with iterative, distributed agile processes in an approach that allowed this business critical and technically challenging project to be delivered by a offshore team and a project manager from client side. This collaborative effort, in a span of just five months, transformed rich multimedia content having audio and videos to a structured coaching modules with features of website into a content-rich, intuitive, interactive online community.

Client profile

Rochemartin is an international provider of emotional intelligence (EQ) products, training and services designed specifically for leadership development in the corporate sector. The founders of RocheMartin, Dr Martyn Newman and Judy Purse, bring together a wealth of expertise in human resources, organizational culture, psychometric excellence and corporate psychology. RocheMartin with their extensive research concluded that emotional intelligence (EQ) is vital for personal and professional growth. RocheMartin helps clients uncover and build these specific emotional skills to develop their leadership potential.

The Benefits

To deliver the best value for RocheMartin’s technology budget, Bimarian proposed use of open source software for the platform and Agile process. The goal would be to combine the cost-savings of offshore resources with the fast results and flexibility of Agile. The LMS along with content management system provided flexibility to client to add new content without any programming help.

Multi Rater Tool for Leading Indian Bank

A leading Indian bank wants to implement a performance management system for their entire staff of 25,000 people across the country. The tool is a 360 degree feedback mechanism through which an individual assesses himself and invites his/her managers, peers and sub-ordinates to provide their ratings. An individual will be able to invite the people that he choose as well as customers that he/she serves. The tool provides a report by consolidating responses of all the users by providing itemized report and recommends areas of improvement.

Client Profile

The bank is a leader in Indian banking sector with over 25000 people across the country and provides various banking products. The client has state of the art core banking technology and uses leading ERP software for their HR data management.

The Benefits

To deliver the value and quick roll-out the solution was developed using opensource platform. The senior HR leaders of the bank were able to leverage the tool to measure the performance and provide feedback to the employees. Based on the feedback, management was able to advise employees for specific coaching modules to improve the weak areas and be ready for promotions. The tool was customized to the needs of the bank within a short span of 2 months time frame.

Payment Gateway integration with ElementPS:

Bimarian engineering team built a product for a company based in Chicago that simplifies the billing/collection process between Healthcare providers and their patients. Patient Payments is a laborious process that is confusing & frustrating for patients, and causes great financial strain to providers. In recent years, in US healthcare financial risk is shifting from payers to providers with providers losing 30-40c on every dollar in patient responsible portion of their entitled revenues. The solution is geared to facilitate Healthcare Patient Payments by delivering transparency into cost of care, convenience & trust for patients, while providing Assured and Accelerated payments for providers.

Self-service patient check-in and real-time eligibility Checks with 1200+ Payers (Both government and commercial insurers).

Automated collection of co-pay and open balance (if any) at check-In.

Present clear estimates of patient cost (not gross charges), at the time of service.

Collect payment assurance (through secure card-on-file) prior to patient leaving office.

Automated collection of patient responsibility (deductible, co-insurance) post-adjudication by insurance company.

Available to patients on the web, on their tablets and on their smart phones – at no cost.

Solution Approach

The system is architected as a Multi tenant, scalable platform that leverages the latest technologies and capable of integrating with external systems, utilizing services based orchestration. The system is highly configurable to adapt to healthcare providers workflows, enabled with a rapid on-boarding process to deploy in a few days. The consumers (Patients) interact with the system through a Web application, iPhone/Android app and also through the IPAD kiosk located at the provider’s front-office. The patient can check-in through the integrated swipe device that can read track1 and track2 data in encrypted form. The business layer consists of various components that are built as services layer and exposes REST API’s. The business layer is completely componentized and can be extended and scaled independently. This layer manages various business processes and functions such as check-in/check-out, estimated cost of care, payment processing, insurance eligibility verification and logic to integrate with external systems. The system can accept data feeds from any external systems that are either HL7 complaint OR Batch data, to allow processing of appointment schedules, charges assessment, insurance adjudications and any relevant data. Similarly, the system can provide required data on patient payments collections to the providers using one of the two methods as stated above.

Client Profile

Health care startup based in chicago

The Benefits

The following illustrates the flow for consumer and provider.

Easy to enroll through smart-phone App (Available on iPhone and Google Play).

Creates a pass( QR code) that can be stored on the Iphone/Android device for members and this enables easy and fast check-in when visiting any healthcare provider with the developed platform.

Receive clear estimates of the patient portion, at the time of service or shortly thereafter.

Know that the bill from the physician provider has been reconciled with the patient’s insurance company – and the patient will only pay what is truly their responsibility.

Auto-pay the patient portion of the bill, e.g., deductible, co-insurance, upon claim processing by insurance company. No further inconvenience of paper transactions, i.e., writing checks.